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Flaxboard is produced from the bark plant of the flax plant.

Here again Linopan brings useful recycling of another sector's byproduct. Flaxboard is produced from the bark of the flax plant.
Since 1958 Linopan has acquired know how in producing flaxboard.

Until recently, flaxboard was only available in standard sizes, because it was produced by daylight presses. That's why Linopan, as the first and only one in the world, developed the technology to produce a continuous board in various lengths, and to enable it to be cut into all possible sizes without wastage.

On top of that this new board shows excellent surface properties. Linopan continuous flax board will offer you numerous benefits, new ideas and considerable savings.

Give your doors a double value...

Flaxboard is the ideal base material for doors adding a core of flax!

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Flexibility, quality, low weight,...

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Doors, Furniture, Worktops, do-it-yourself, packaging, finishing,...

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Technical specifications


Production of flax board

Flax shives have already a size that is acceptable for further processing. The preparation of the raw material consists only of a cleaning of the shives, by taking out dust, stones, seeds, rest fibres and other impurities.
After the cleaning and drying, the shives are separated into 3 different fractions, allowing to make mixtures of different shive sizes to make different kind of boards upon customers wishes.
The shive mixtures are glued with environmentally friendly glues. After cooling, the boards are sanded and go to the packing line, or to the cut-to-size equipment.

Moisture resistant
15 --> 60 mm
15 --> 60 mm
1830 --> 6250 mm
1830 --> 6250 mm
2400 --> 2620 mm
2400 --> 2620 mm
350 --> 470 kg/m³
420 --> 470 kg/m³

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Moisture resistant flax board

This is the most recent development in continuous flax board technology. Moisture resistant flax board combines in it the benefits of light weight, moisture resistancy and excellent technical properties. It finds applications in high class work tops, desk tops,kitchen and bathroom furniture, durable partitioning walls,...


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